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We’re not just your average digital marketing agency at TWV Media – we’re actually just a bunch of people with a passion for life. No point over selling ourselves. Is there?

Why should you choose TWV Media?

You mean above the countless other agencies there are out there? Well that’s actually a good point, as most specialise in more than one area. Some label themselves as Offline, Direct or Digital Marketing specialists, whereas some will go the full length and call themselves full service marketing agencies. Pretty impressive stuff, although we prefer to focus on doing a good job for our clients, and having them and you recommend us to others.

We don’t need to tell you how competitive and cut-throat the marketplace can be, especially with a business climate that continues to be uncertain and tricky. What we can tell you, though, is that a website design/optimization job that’s handled by TWV Media is going to be handled professionally, honestly and with the most up-to-date expertise in the field. We put honesty and integrity at the top of this list for a reason. If you’re doing business with us, you can count on us being direct and forthright with you through every step of the process. We wouldn’t think of doing business any other way.

Our website design and SEO services are committed to custom-fit solutions to customers’ needs. We take a close look at your situation and your goals, and make sure that our ideas are a suitable fit for what you need.

We’ll put the cards on the table and have a very direct dialogue about our approach vs. what other companies offer. The last thing we’ll ever do is keep you, the customer, in the dark.

Our price structure and charges are reasonable. Be aware that if a ridiculously low price for website design, content and SEO sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are companies that may do it on the cheap, but they’ll use keywords that won’t bring the results you need, and will use the exact same template for every customer.

We have a theory: if you can track a campaign’s results, you can improve them. We can help you narrow down your customers’ demographics with analytics like:


  • Number of pages a user visited on the site.
  • Length of time spent on the site.
  • Type of browser the user was using.
  • User’s ISP.


We don’t “rent” you a website. We’re just involved in developing and optimizing the site; the site is yours. You own it, you get to keep it. When our contract expires, if you don’t wish to renew our services, the site is still yours to do with what you will.



We’ve got the networking skills and connections to bring in leads from the online market; it’s one of the main factors in our continued growth. It helps us, and it helps you as well.

Within our team we have some incredible minds – and most of which were discovered after they were hired to be fair. We actively encourage our employees to express what they are interested in so that we can help to guide them in their personal growth. In turn, this also allows them to help apply these principles to the growth of your organisation. To demonstrate the uniqueness of our team, check our Digital Marketing blog regularly, as each of our team members has access to freely post anything that comes to mind that could benefit others. Those who are brave enough will put their name to the articles, but mostly you’ll be reading content from our CEO, Robert.

Some of the greatest companies and businesses of our time have come to fruition by sharing knowledge, and we hope to do the same. You can contact us at any time by dropping us a line at [email protected] or by completing the form on our contact page.

Some of our clients at TWV Media

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Virgin Games
BGO Vegas
888 Sport
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Smart Live Casino

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