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Property development has grown massively over the last couple of decades. Although the industry suffered in the years following the credit crunch, many people are once again looking to start their own property development business as the recovery takes hold. Some people go into property development part time to supplement their main income. Others take […]
People set up a business for all kinds of reasons. They might be seeking financial security for themselves and their family, or perhaps like the idea of being their own boss. Maybe they want to work in an area that matches their interests or have found a gap in the market. But although the popular […]
Can you think of an established E-commerce website without Affiliate Marketing? Over the past decade, the panorama of affiliate marketers has witnessed a major transformation with the exponential increase in online enterprises. What is Affiliate Marketing? In literal words, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing concept and idea of promoting and advertising products and services […]
It’s essential you take specialist advice before investing in a franchise, Graeme Payne, partner in the franchising, licensing and multi-channel strategies group at law firm Bird & Bird LLP says… It’s a common cliché in franchising that buying a franchise is a big decision. Most clichés are often founded on the truth and when one […]
When asked to change something that we’re comfortable with or that we have become accomplished at, our initial feelings are often those of resentment, resistance, panic and even anger. We question why we should change and if indeed we can. Change your mind – Why? Why? Because, in the main, we all desire a degree […]