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Last month, the House of Common’s Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee issued a report entitled ‘The Gambling Act 2005: A bet worth taking?’  You’d be forgiven for missing it as it was hardly picked up at all by the media with the single exception of its call for local authorities to approve the creation […]
Have you ever wondered what our industry has to do to get a better reputation? No matter that we are all regulated. No matter that we provide entertainment for the vast majority of our customers. We still continue to get treated as the bad guys. Gambling is evil goes the belief. Therefore, the people who […]
The last Labour Government – and, in particular, Alistair Campbell – has been widely credited with the triumph of spin over substance in political debate. Sound bites rather than demonstrable proof became the order of the day and what ministers said in relation to an issue or crisis became, at least in their own minds, […]
In the same way that established brands can be a good thing for the outward perception of the industry, can celebrity endorsements have the same effect? Does the fact that ex-sportsmen and other well-known faces are now endorsing the gaming industry help to enhance its reputation? In today’s world, the cult of the celebrity has […]
How will M & A and moves within the industry to consolidate change the landscape and what effect will the combination of this and the migration of offline casino giants to the on line world have for the future of I Gaming? It was Clemenceau who said that the future is always with the avant-garde. […]