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On the subject of gaming, the last Government seemed not to know whether it was coming or going. The general election result has at least sorted out that conundrum for the next few years, but the consequences of their ill judged attempt at regulating Remote Gaming in the UK will be with us for some […]
It’s that time of year again. The time towards the end of the year when we stop dealing with the present and grappling with the future and start to consider the past. 2011. What sort of year has it been for the online gaming industry? Has the last 12 months taught us anything about the […]
At last, it would seem that the reality of virtual gambling has dawned on the hitherto physical – and proud of it – land-based casinos. In March, Caesar’s Palace had its request to allow the world’s biggest casino organization to join forces with an online gambling company, located off shore, approved by the gambling regulators […]
Nowhere is the lack of cohesion throughout the gaming sector more evident than in its reaction to the US Department of Justice and the FBI strike on April 15th when 11 individuals associated with Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker were indicted, their URL’s were seized and they were charged with money laundering and […]
On March 24th, the European Commission published an online gambling Green Paper designed, apparently, to find out if the member states of the European Union are willing to embrace an online gambling framework to regulate the industry across Europe. Its primary aim, according to the EU, is “to obtain a facts-based picture of the existing […]