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For years, so we have repeatedly been told, we have been on the cusp of mobile gambling really taking off. For years, the shepherd boy has been crying wolf only for a combination of what Juniper Research refers to as ‘a dispiriting morass of proscriptive and/or uncertain legislation, suspicious consumers and technological constraints’ to come […]
Is gambling entertainment? It seems a reasonably straightforward kind of question. Why else would approximately 10.5% of the adult population of this country alone spend as much as they do both in terms of time and money on remote gambling (web, mobile, interactive TV) if it isn’t? However, because gambling can become an addiction, it […]
Where does your eyeball go first? If you’re looking at anything … a car, a cat, a dog, a couch, a print advertisement, the TV, a website, anything…what’s your gaze going to be drawn to first, before anything else? And where does your eyeball linger longest, or keep coming back? My guess is that this […]
Yahoo! Yahoo is an example of a topical search engine (also sometimes referred to as a vertical search engine). The methodology of a topical search engine is to focus on specific industries, sectors or topics. Yahoo is still a 100% human edited directory, with secondary search engine results generated through Google. That, of course, means […]